Which biomass fuel boiler is better


In recent years, the haze weather has continued to occur, causing great harm to human health and travel safety. Coal-fired boilers are also responsible for this phenomenon. Therefore, the national environmental protection department’s regulations on coal-fired boilers are becoming more and more stringent. Biomass boilers are clean and environmentally friendly, becoming one of the better alternatives to coal-fired boilers.

The reason why the biomass boiler is energy-saving and environmentally friendly is because it uses biomass pellet fuel. This fuel does not contain sulfur and phosphorus. It does not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide during combustion, so it does not cause acid rain and does not pollute the atmosphere. It does not pollute the environment, so it greatly eases the emission of greenhouse gases and plays a good role in purifying the air.

The biomass boiler avoids or solves the problems of ash accumulation and slagging during biomass combustion and heat exchange, and can be operated stably for a long time. The emission of flue gas meets the relevant national environmental protection standards. The low carbon content of the ash and slag can realize the comprehensive utilization of fly ash.

For now, the market sales of biomass boilers are clearly showing an upward trend, which has played a great role in improving environmental quality and alleviating the increasingly tense energy crisis. The use of biomass boilers has low investment, large profits, and economic and social benefits. Significantly.

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