DZL series biomass-fired horizontal type steam boiler

Capacity:15-40 t/h

Thermal efficiency:87.5%

Fuel:Biomass pellets, rice husks, wood chips, palm shells, sawdust, etc.

Working pressure:1.25 MPa / 1.6 MPa / 2.5 MPa

Output temperature:194℃ / 204℃ / 225℃

Applications:Heating, chemical, food, tobacco, textile, printing and dyeing, feed, pharmaceutical, building materials, brewing, rubber, hospitals.

Introduction Parameters


The DZL series third-generation biomass-fired boiler is a water tube boiler composed of three drums. It is independently developed by ZOZEN Boiler and has independent intellectual property rights. The boiler adopts an assembly structure, consisting of two large components, the upper and lower parts. The upper part is the main heating surface, and the lower part is the combustion equipment. Water-cooled walls are arranged around the front of the boiler body, connected to the drum at the top and to the header at the bottom, forming the combustion chamber to absorb furnace radiation heat. In the rear part, convection tube bundles are arranged between the upper and lower drums. After the fuel is burned in the furnace, the high-temperature flue gas exits the furnace and scours the heating surface of the convection tube bundles horizontally and enters the economizer, and finally enters the dust collector and being discharged through the chimney.
In response to the problem of difficult ash removal in traditional biomass boilers, the third generation of DZL biomass boilers has solved this problem through structural design. The ash is directly deposited into the ash hopper between the lower drums, eliminating blind zones for ash accumulation and enabling real-time ash removal.


Wide Fuel Adaptability
The boiler is applicable to a wide range of fuels including biomass particles, rice husk, palm shell and wood chips etc.

Simple Operation
The design of chain grate, scientific furnace arch and independent air chamber ensures the full combustion of fuel.

Thermal Efficiency>87.5%
The structure of water-cooling wall tubes arranged closely in the furnace is adopted to increase the radiant heating surface.

Customized solutions and systems
Save your money and time with customized feeding system, slag extractor system, flue gas dust collection system and so on.


Customized feeding system
Different feeding systems are designed according to the characteristics of biomass fuels, effectively improving the overall efficiency of the boiler.

Taller furnace
Compared to a double-drum boiler, the length and width of a three-drum boiler remain unchanged, while the furnace height increases by 1 to 3 meters to meet the combustion requirements of non-molded biomass fuels.

Inspection platform
The inspection platform uses grid plates to ensure the strength and rigidity of the platform ladders;
The reasonable layout ensures easy access to every operation and maintenance point.

High thermal efficiency
The dead angles of the heating surface that are swept by the flue gas are small, which makes it difficult to form eddies, resulting in high heat transfer efficiency of the heating surface area and an increased boiler thermal efficiency.

Scientific and reasonable configuration of the grate
According to different types of biomass fuels, users can be provided with either a chain grate or a reciprocating grate to meet their various needs;
The use of suitable high-temperature-resistant grate pieces adapted to the combustion characteristics of biomass fuels improves the reliability of the grate.

Ash blowing device
An ash blowing device is arranged at the rear of the convection heating surface, and ash blowing pipe holes are reserved in the front of the furnace. Different ash blowing methods can be selected according to different fuels, and ash can be cleaned without stopping the boiler.

Convective heating
The advanced layout structure of the convection heating surface is adopted to make the dust generated by combustion easy to settle and discharge in the ash hopper, which not only reduces the burden on the dust collector but also is more environmentally friendly under the same conditions. And ensure that the heating surface has a high heat transfer effect during the operation of the boiler;
Reasonably arrange the dust removal door to facilitate the thorough cleaning and maintenance of the convection heating surface in the later stage.

Combustion chamber and burnout cooling chamber
The boiler body and partition walls are surrounded by membrane water walls with a fully sealed structure;
The furnace structure is front and rear arch-covered, and the lower front arch of the furnace front wall is an ignition arch, while the rear arch is a combustion-supporting arch.

Independent air chamber
Different numbers of independent air chambers are set from front to back of the grate according to different boiler capacity;
Users can distribute air to different chambers according to different combustion conditions to ensure the sufficient combustion of fuel.

Model Rated thermal power(t/h) Rated working pressure(MPa) Steam temperature Feed water temperature
DZL15-1.25-SCⅢ 15 1.25 194 104
DZL15-1.6-SCⅢ 15 1.6 204 104
DZL15-2.5-SCⅢ 15 2.5 225 104
DZL20-1.25-SCⅢ 20 1.25 194 104
DZL20-1.6-SCⅢ 20 1.6 204 104
DZL20-2.5-SCⅢ 20 2.5 225 104
DZL25-1.25-SCⅢ 25 1.25 194 104
DZL25-1.6-SCⅢ 25 1.6 204 104
DZL25-2.5-SCⅢ 25 2.5 225 104
DZL30-1.25-SCⅢ 30 1.25 194 104
DZL30-1.6-SCⅢ 30 1.6 204 104
DZL30-2.5-SCⅢ 30 2.5 225 104
DZL35-1.25-SCⅢ 35 1.25 194 104
DZL35-1.6-SCⅢ 35 1.6 204 104
DZL35-2.5-SCⅢ 35 2.5 225 104
DZL40-1.25-SCⅢ 40 1.25 194 104
DZL40-1.6-SCⅢ 40 1.6 204 104
DZL40-2.5-SCⅢ 40 2.5 225 104

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