How to repair the common faults of the boiler?


1. When the boiler is severely short of water, it will cause damage and deformation of the pressure components, resulting in an explosion of the furnace tube. If it is not handled in time, it may cause the boiler to explode. Therefore, when it is found that the boiler is short of water, it should be stopped urgently. However, there are many reasons for the lack of water in the boiler, most of which are caused by the carelessness and misoperation of the operator, or because of the blockage failure due to the lack of flushing the water level gauge.

2. When the water level of the water level gauge fluctuates violently, the water in the pot begins to appear bubbles, the steam contains a large amount of water and the temperature drops suddenly. In severe cases, water shock will occur in the pipeline. The main reason for this situation is the water quality. Not good, the salt content is too high or the boiler is overloaded, etc. When such a situation is found, it is necessary to strengthen the sewage treatment of the water quality.

3. In the process of boiler overpressure operation, lighter parts only cause deformation of components, and in serious cases, it will cause an explosion. The main reason for boiler overpressure is: the operator of the boiler increases the working pressure or is working. If you leave the post without permission, another situation is that the failure of the pressure gauge and the safety valve at the same time will also cause the overpressure of the boiler.

4. When the boiler explodes, accompanied by obvious explosion sound and steam injection sound, and the water level and steam pressure of the boiler drop at the same time, the boiler should be shut down immediately in such a situation. The common reason for this situation is: poor water quality Condensation or corrosion of boiler tubes. In addition, the explosion accident may also be caused by defects in the boiler design, insufficient material strength and poor quality during welding.

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