Knowledge of biomass boiler 20tan


Sichuan Energy Investment has always formed a profound cooperation with ZOZEN. As an important window for opening up to the northeast of China and participating in the international specialization, Suifenhe has developed into a large-scale Russian wood import and distribution center. With the rapid development of the wood import and export processing industry, the ZOZEN SZL biomass boiler 20tan project was installed here, providing concentrated steam for wood drying of wood processing enterprises in the Sino-Russian trade zone.

The quality and performance of steam boilers have a direct impact on the product quality and economic benefits of wood companies. ZOZEN tailored the SZL biomass boiler 20tan technical solution for the wood processing plant. This solution uses a large amount of waste wood generated during wood processing, as well as branches, bark, etc. as biomass fuel, which saves a large fuel cost while ensuring the full utilization of wood resources.

Meanwhile, this series of biomass boiler 20tan has the characteristics of sufficient output and high efficiency.nThe chain grate adopts layer combustion, which adjusts the speed of the governing box according to the burning rate of different biomass fuels, with the scientific furnace arch design and reasonable air distribution, the full combustion of the fuel is achieved, and the thermal efficiency is up to 88%. What’s more, this series of boilers is highly safe and is equipped with protection and interlocking devices such as pressure, high and low water levels.

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