What role does biomass boiler play in feed processing plant


When it comes to feed, I believe everyone is familiar with it, but the quality of feed has its advantages and disadvantages. The production of safe feed is an important issue related to feed production and the sustainable development of human health. Do you know what role the biomass boiler plays in the feed processing plant?

The main factors that affect the feed safety are the quality of feed raw materials, the safe storage of feed raw materials, the control of the dosage of various additives in the formula, the control of artificial addition in the processing process, the reasonable design of feed processing technology and the reasonable selection of parameters, and the management of feed storage after processing.

Only by strictly controlling each link of the processing process can the safe feed be produced. Learned, feed is mainly composed of protein feed, energy feed, roughage and additive mixture of four parts, sales on the market the full price of raw materials mainly through special gas feed processing granulation biomass boiler feed, part is puffed particles, can be directly used for feeding, can better meet the feed nutrient requirements of objects. Concentrate using special biomass boiler premix protein raw materials and additives for feed processing. Energy needs as raw materials, easy to use, suitable for large farms.

At least 50 concentrates are currently on the market. It is important that the thermal biomass boiler can adjust the temperature and pressure according to the processing requirements. On the one hand, it protects the ecological environment, on the other hand, it guarantees the quality of the feed!

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