What is the performance of biomass boiler water shortage


In the process of using biomass boiler, if there is water shortage, it will affect the normal use of the boiler. In severe cases, it may even damage the boiler and affect its subsequent use. We have already introduced, so what is the performance of biomass boiler water shortage?

1. The water level of the biomass boiler is lower than the low safe water level, or the water level cannot be seen in the water level meter. The color of the water level meter is white or bright. Low water signal alarm and signal light on.

2. For the biomass environment-friendly boiler with superheater, the temperature of superheated steam rises abnormally, and the alarm signal of overtemperature is issued.

3. The outlet water temperature of biomass environment-friendly boiler is abnormally rising.

4. Abnormal water supply flow and steam flow. Normally, the feed water flow is less than the steam flow. If a leak occurs in a pipe or economizer, the normal water level cannot be maintained despite the increased flow, and the amount of water supplied will be greater than the steam flow.

5, when the biomass boiler serious water shortage, it will smell the smell of burning.

When the use of biomass environmentally friendly boiler when the above situation, to pay attention to whether the boiler has water shortage, especially to pay attention to try to avoid burning phenomenon. May be. This situation may cause some adverse effects on the boiler.

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