Standard process for 1 ton biomass steam boiler


The use of 1 ton biomass steam boiler in modern life is very much, especially for some companies, this equipment is very important, the use of biomass steam boiler is very important, so we must understand the standard of steam boiler use.

Acceptance of installation, maintenance and renovation of 1 ton biomass steam boiler. After the completion of the construction, the construction unit shall report the hydraulic pressure test and installation supervision of the boiler to the Special Equipment Inspection Institute of the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. After passing the qualification, the Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, the State Special Equipment Inspection Institute, and the County Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau will participate in the whole experience.

Installation, maintenance and renovation of 1 ton biomass steam boiler. The unit engaged in the installation, maintenance and transformation of boilers shall obtain the qualification certificate for the installation and maintenance of special equipment issued by the provincial quality and technical supervision bureau before they can engage in the installation, maintenance and renovation of biomass steam boilers. Before the construction, the construction unit will inform the municipality or the special equipment safety supervision and management department of the municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the construction, maintenance and transformation, and send the construction notice to the local county-level quality and technical supervision bureau for the record, and then notify the construction.

Biomass steam boiler boiler technology advantage
1. The product is exempt from inspection in the country, eliminating the complicated annual approval procedures for approval;
2. This steam generator is a combined machine, which is easy to install. It does not need to be installed by professional installation team personnel, and it also saves a lot of installation materials.
3. The fuel used is energy-saving and environmentally friendly biomass pellet fuel (produced by wood pellet machine and straw briquetting machine, as shown in the following figure). It is a renewable and energy-saving renewable source with wide source, economical cost and operating cost. It is one-sixth of an electric boiler and one-third of an oil-fired boiler. Smokeless and dust-free during combustion, only a small amount of powdery ash residue after complete combustion of fuel, retained in the ash collection chamber, easy to handle; wheat straw granule fuel wood chips biomass pellet fuel 4, built-in steam separator, solved steam The problem with water ensures the quality of steam;
5. Fully automatic control in one step. Only need to connect the water and electricity, press the switch key, the boiler will automatically enter the fully automatic operation state, which is safer and more worry-free;
6, with chain security protection to ensure product quality and customer benefits.

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