What are the hazards of the biomass boiler not being cleaned in time


The biomass boiler should be cleaned daily, and the scale should be cleaned in time to avoid unnecessary losses. Let’s look at the hazards of biomass boiler scale.

1. Cause the biomass boiler metal heating surface to overheat, damage the biomass boiler and shorten the service life.

Scale builds up on the heating surface of the biomass boiler, and the cooling of the metal wall is affected, resulting in an increase in wall temperature and a reduction in the mechanical strength of the metal material, resulting in deformation of the heating surface, bulging, tube bursting, etc., and serious explosion accidents. The biomass boiler is damaged and its service life is affected.

2. Reduce biomass boiler evaporation, reduce biomass boiler thermal efficiency, and waste fuel.

The existence of biomass boiler scale is equivalent to adding a layer of thermal resistance on the heating surface, because the thermal conductivity of scale is much lower than that of steel, which hinders the transfer of heat, so that the heat released by fuel combustion cannot be effectively transferred to water, and the water vapor cannot be measured. , The heat on the flue gas side is lost with the exhaust smoke, so the biomass boiler output will be reduced and fuel will be wasted. According to statistics, a millimeter of scale wastes about 2~3% of fuel.

3. The normal biomass boiler water circulation is destroyed, and the boiler is forced to shut down for maintenance, increasing maintenance costs.

After fouling in the boiler water pipe, the flow cross-section in the pipe is reduced, which increases the flow assistance of the water circulation, and in severe cases, it may even be completely blocked. The normal water circulation of the boiler was destroyed, the pipe was burned out, and the biomass boiler was forced to shut down for maintenance. Waste manpower and material resources and cause losses.

In short, scale is very harmful to the boiler, making the biomass boiler unable to operate safely and economically.

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