How to solve the problem of smoking in biomass pellet environmental boiler


Biomass boiler is a relatively environmentally friendly boiler, but sometimes it will smoke when biomass particles burn. So what causes the biomass boiler to smoke? How to solve the problem of smoke? Listen to the answers from gas boiler suppliers.

Reasons for the smoke from the biomass pellet environmental protection boiler:

1. Incomplete fuel combustion: This is the main cause of black smoke from the boiler. When the boiler is running, incomplete fuel combustion will not only produce carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen, etc., but also carbon monoxide, hydrogen, etc. Combustible gases such as methane, these combustible gases produce black smoke after burning. Insufficient combustion of fuel will not only cause black smoke in oil-fired boilers, but will also increase the amount of fuel used and increase the operating cost of the enterprise.

2. Sudden flameout occurs during the use of the fully automatic oil-fired boiler: the negative pressure in the furnace increases significantly, the flame cannot be seen from the fire hole, the steam pressure and steam temperature decrease, and the steam flow decreases sharply; the water level drops instantly. Then it rose sharply.

3. Insufficient air volume, poor air distribution, and low furnace temperature: boilers are generally equipped with air preheaters, but when the air preheater has serious air leakage, the hot air volume cannot meet the needs of combustion, and black smoke will appear The phenomenon.


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