The price of biomass boiler offer Canada


Biomass boilers made in China have gradually developed under the influence of national energy conservation and environmental protection policies. They are favored by the market for their high efficiency, compliance with national environmental protection requirements, and a wide range of fuel sources. The price of biomass boilers in Canada has always been within the industry Secrets will not be disclosed at will.

So, how much is the price of biomass steam boilers in Canada, let’s first understand the factors affecting the price of biomass boilers.

If an enterprise does not determine the tonnage of the biomass boiler to be used, it needs to determine the tonnage according to its actual needs, such as heating. A 1 ton biomass boiler can supply a building area of ​​8000-10,000 square meters for heating. Technical parameters mainly include rated evaporation, rated steam pressure, rated steam temperature, and feedwater temperature. Enterprises can determine the model of biomass boiler based on these parameters, and then consider the price of biomass boiler.

In addition, the price of biomass steam boilers is not only affected by technical parameters, but also determined by external conditions, such as the brand of auxiliary boilers (mainly including coal mills, coal feeders, fans, induced fans, return fans, grate, Deslagging machinery, etc.)

In addition, for Canada, there are different transportation policies at different times. We need to combine local import and export policies to determine the final offer.

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