Does the biomass boiler meet environmental protection requirements?


Is biomass fuel a highly polluting fuel and can biomass boilers be used in the city? According to the environmental protection requirements and implementation standards, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China has responded. The original text is as follows:

I. The use of agricultural and forestry waste (stalks, rice husks, sawdust, branches, etc.) as raw materials and processed by special equipment under specific process conditions to produce rod-shaped, block-shaped or granular biomass molding fuels can effectively improve agriculture and forestry The combustion performance of wastes is low in sulfur, nitrogen and ash content. It can be used in supporting special combustion equipment to achieve clean and efficient combustion. It produces less sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and soot, and is not a highly polluting fuel.

II. The promotion and application of biomass molding fuel in cities should fully consider the local environmental air quality control requirements and the actual situation of fuel supply. When the city’s gas supply can not meet the demand, biomass molding fuel can be used as an alternative fuel and should be required by the gas emission standards; the promotion and application in the metropolitan central area should be scientifically demonstrated and more stringent Requirements for air pollutant emission control.

3. In the promotion and application work, the supervision and management of the production and use of biomass molding fuels should be strengthened, and local standards and technical specifications for biomass molding fuels and supporting special combustion equipment should be formulated to regulate their production and use. During the application process, Pay attention to monitoring whether dioxins are produced; the units that produce and sell biomass molding fuel and supporting special combustion equipment should have corresponding qualifications, and the products must be certified by relevant management departments such as quality, safety, environmental protection and energy saving, and comply with relevant technologies Regulations and standards.

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