Fire of biomass hot water boiler and its questions


What should I know about the biomass hot water boiler when it is set off? In addition, which is better than a single boiler and a double boiler for a biomass hot water boiler?

The purpose of raising the above questions is to answer them in detail so that everyone can learn clearly, so as to deepen their knowledge and understanding of this kind of biomass boiler and achieve the desired purpose.

For biomass hot water boilers, the following should be known:
(1) Before the biomass boiler is raised, the smoke baffle should be opened for ventilation. Natural ventilation, which is about ten minutes. For mechanical ventilation, it takes about five minutes to exhaust the remaining gas in the boiler.
(2) Firewood or other flammable materials should be used for ignition. It is strictly prohibited to use highly volatile oils for ignition.
(3) The rate of fire of the biomass boiler must not be too fast, it must be done within a certain period of time.
(4) Before it rises, it is necessary to turn on the circulation pump first.

Question: Which is better than single-boiler and double-boiler of biomass hot water boiler?
A: This is not comparable, because each has its own advantages and disadvantages, you should choose according to the actual situation.

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