Temperature protection is an important procedure for the safe operation of the working principle of biomass steam boilers


Pressure protection of the five main protection systems common to the working principle of biomass steam boilers: Steam pressure protection: When the biomass steam boiler pressure exceeds the rated value, interlock protection is required: the method is to stop the furnace and the combustion system to stop working; the burner can also be replaced, single combustion Or dual combustion can also adjust the amount of oil to reduce the pressure and ensure the safe operation of the boiler. The pressure protection of the biomass steam boiler working principle is the same as the water level, with multiple protections: 1 pressure controller 2 safety valve.

Temperature protection of five main protection systems commonly used in biomass steam boiler working principles: Temperature protection is an important procedure for the safe operation of the boiler. This is especially important for regulating and protecting the temperature of a biomass steam boiler. At the same time, it regulates and protects the hot water boiler from overheating.

The common temperature protection device of the biomass steam boiler is the flameout protection of the five main protection systems common to the bimetallic temperature controller biomass steam boiler.

In order to prevent the occurrence of a furnace explosion, the oil (gas) boiler must be equipped with a flameout protection device. Burning conditions (including ignition). When the ignition fails or the combustion is extinguished in the middle, it usually re-ignites within 5 seconds and runs within 1 second. The oil (gas) solenoid valve is closed, the sound and light alarm signals are turned on, and the blower continues to run. After 20 to 30 seconds of purging, the remaining flammable gas in the furnace is purged, the blower and various auxiliary power sources are automatically cut off, and the boiler is stopped. ) It consists of a flame monitor and a control device.

The function of the flame monitor is to signal the presence or absence of flame from the control unit. Mainly used in photomultiplier tubes, photoresistors and photocells. They all have UV or IR type photoelectric conversion modules. The working principle converts the intensity of lighting radiation into corresponding strong and weak currents. It outputs in a linear state and sometimes the induced current is weak. It must be amplified to affect the controller.

Five types of main protection systems for biomass steam boilers: power failure and self-locking protection: In the event of a sudden power failure, the boiler runs immediately and the furnace is self-locking. If the current has been restored, it can be started at any time. It must be reset and unlocked to reignite. Imported color and monochrome touch screen control system, the operation process is fully automatic, with automatic water supply, water shortage, over temperature, over pressure, automatic power off alarm, leakage protection and other safety protection systems.

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