Structure features and equipment price of DZL horizontal biomass steam boiler


Biomass fuel is a kind of clean energy, it replaces coal, oil and other fuels to become the main combustion energy is an inevitable trend. DZL biomass boiler is a horizontal three – return water – fire tube hybrid boiler. The combustion equipment is chain grate. Host for single drum longitudinal arrangement, drum arranged in a single return pipe, left and right sides of the chamber of a stove or furnace is equipped with light water wall tube, part of riser pipe of furnace top, the bottom of the drum with brick, don’t accept high temperature flame radiation, on both sides of the drum under a symmetrical two convective flue, in the drum assembly the water wall tube, the thorough settlement of drum and header cause tearing the disadvantages of weld heat from the cold.

DZL biomass boiler features:

(1) the arch tube plate and smoke pipe are used to form a pot cylinder. The smoke pipe is changed from two return trips to a single return trip, which solves the problem of pipe plate crack.

(2) the lower part of the boiler shell is arranged with ascending pipe row, eliminating the dead water area at the bottom of the boiler shell, making the mud not easy to deposit, the high temperature area of the boiler shell can get good cooling, preventing the lower part of the boiler shell from bulging.

(3) the adoption of highly efficient heat transfer smoke tube has enhanced the heat transfer effect and achieved the characteristics of boiler heating up and boosting fast, thus improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

(4) compact structure, compared with the same type of boiler, small size, save boiler house infrastructure investment.

(5) stable operation, convenient adjustment and sufficient output.

(6) the high-efficiency and energy-saving arch made of heat-resistant concrete is adopted in the furnace, which improves the fuel ignition conditions, and the independent wind chamber is adopted to achieve the reasonable distribution of wind, so as to form an aerodynamic field conducive to combustion in the furnace, thus expanding the adaptability of coal.

(7) the furnace arch and smoke outlet of the boiler have a certain dedusting effect. The original dust concentration of the boiler is controlled below the standard to ensure that the smoke emission of the boiler reaches the national environmental protection standards.

DZL biomass boiler price:

Biomass boiler fuel is biomass pellet fuel, China is a large agricultural country so biomass fuel is very rich, DZL biomass boiler fuel combustion cost is very low generally speaking 100KG of biomass fuel cost is 100 yuan.

Boiler equipment price is related to many factors, not only fuel cost and boiler body technical parameters, boiler equipment and other factors.

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