FAQ of 4 ton biomass boiler


Q: how much does it cost to transform a 4-ton coal-fired boiler into a biomass boiler

A: the material cost is about 35000 yuan. It’s not easy to do it manually. There is a big price gap between different regions.

Q: how do coal-fired boilers transform biomass fuels? What are the methods?

A: the method of biomass fuel transformation for coal-fired boiler

(1) use the original or idle chain grate coal-fired boiler body and boiler auxiliary equipment: blower, induced draft fan, slag extractor, economizer, reducer, dust remover, boiler control cabinet and instrument valve to reduce the investment cost of boiler and auxiliary equipment.

(2) the original coal hopper for coal fuel is changed into a closed biomass hopper, and anti tempering device is installed.

(3) one set of biomass particle fuel conveying, storage and loading device shall be installed.

(4) one set of screw biomass pellet fuel feeder shall be installed, and an inspection hole shall be opened at the top of the conveying pipe connected with the closed hopper at the top of the screw feeder, and a travel switch shall be installed to automatically control the start and stop of the screw feeder motor. When the screw feeder is installed, there should be a certain inclination angle between the conveying pipe and the ground conveying storage hopper. In order to save the floor area of the boiler room and meet the process layout requirements of the boiler room design code, the inclination angle of the conveying pipe should be no more than 60 °. Screw feeder installation.

(5) install one set of secondary air supply equipment and secondary air supply pipe at the side of the boiler. One secondary air supply pipe leads to the boiler furnace and the other to the closed hopper to ensure enough oxygen for fuel combustion and achieve the purpose of complete combustion. Installation of secondary air supply equipment

6) problems to be noticed in boiler transformation

① the clear distance at the front end of the furnace shall not be less than 3m. After the installation of screw feeder, the distance between the ground conveying storage hopper and the front section of the boiler is 1.9m (take 2T / h chain grate coal-fired steam boiler as an example). If it is less than 3m, it is not convenient for operation and maintenance.

② biomass fuel should not be stored in the open air, and measures should be taken to prevent rain, wind and corrosion. In addition, in the storage process of biomass fuel, the temperature of the fuel should be checked frequently to prevent spontaneous combustion caused by too high temperature.

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