Scaling of convection tube bundles in biomass-fired hot water boiler


In the long-term operation of the biomass hot water boiler, scaling will inevitably occur. Just like a person’s mental blockage after a long period of labor, the response becomes slow. But the biomass hot water boiler is different from the human brain. The scale must be treated in time, otherwise it will cause tube explosion. The general treatment method is chemical treatment, pickling or alkaline washing. The method can be immersion or cycle cleaning, and the two can be combined! But some stubborn scales must adopt special methods!

After the scale appears in the biomass hot water boiler, we should keep a rational mind. First of all, first analyze the type of scale. First analyze the type of scale, mechanical descaling, and then use the above chemical method to descale. Before the design of the boiler, the composition of the water source needs to be analyzed, and the water must be pre-treated. After the water quality reaches the standard, it can enter the convection tube bundle. Otherwise, reprocessing is required.

Biomass hot water boiler scale treatment generally requires first pickling, and then control the water quality before taking other descaling measures. First pickling, then mechanically remove the residual scale to control the water quality. Descaling measures are used to detect and replace pipes whose structure seriously affects safe use. If the scale is serious, there is only a way to replace it. If one or two pipes are seriously scaled, you can use the stuffy pipe method. However, if the large area of ​​the tube is heavily fouled, it can only be chemically cleaned. Before chemical cleaning, mechanical descaling can be used to loosen the scale and the effect is better. Of course, silicate scales can only be pickled, and strengthen water treatment!

However, the manufacturers of biomass hot water boilers also reminded Xiaobian that pickling for general dirt is recommended, the cost is low, and the effect of mechanical descaling is not good. Now there are scale dispersants.

Generally, scales less than 1mm are selected. If the thickness is more than this, you must choose pickling. You must ask a qualified pickling company to complete the scale analysis before you can match the acid ratio. This must be professional. Company completed. To deal with it immediately, the scale first causes localized uneven heating, deforms first, and then cracks, that is, blasting. The average bedroom boiler has a large amount of water storage, and the power of blasting is very large. Mechanical descaling is generally not recommended. Dirt, if not, just change the tube.

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