Internal structure of a chain biomass boiler


The sharp increase in the price of fossil fuels has made traditional coal-fired boilers no longer suitable for the needs of the development of the times. Clean and environmentally friendly biomass boilers have become the main equipment on the market. Natural people have innovatively combined chain furnaces and biomass boilers. A chain biomass boiler has been developed. This article mainly introduces the internal structure of the chain biomass boiler.

The internal structure of the chain biomass boiler consists of the biomass boiler itself, the boiler auxiliary equipment and the safe dosage system.

The core part of the steam in the boiler furnace, burner, water-cooled wall, superheater, economizer and air preheater, the structure and the furnace wall and other main components, is called the boiler body. The two main parts of the boiler body, the furnace of the fuel combustion chamber, also called the combustion chamber, are spaces.

For the solid fuel on the grate of the chain biomass boiler, the hearth of the combustion furnace in the fire-bed combustion chamber is called a layer, also called a fire-bed furnace. Liquid, gas or pulverized powder and solid fuel, the fire in the fire chamber combustion chamber is called a chamber combustion furnace, also called a box furnace fire. Air will burn coal particles to assume a boiling state, and it is suitable for inferior fuel combustion chambers called fluidized bed furnaces, also known as fluidized bed furnaces; cylindrical furnaces that use coal gas to make coal particles at high speed and strong are called cyclones. fire. The above is the internal structure of the chain biomass boiler analyzed by Zozen. The Zozen chain biomass boiler has a high degree of automation.

The digital integrated controller can automatically control the combustion conditions according to user settings. The operation is simple and convenient, automatic ignition, and automatic loading. , Automatic ash cleaning, as easy as oil and gas boiler operation. Adopting inverted “α” furnace arch technology to improve fuel combustion characteristics and wide adaptability of coal types.

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