20 ton biomass fired hot water boiler, boiler type and parameters


Biomass fuels show that rises as a new market, vigorously promoted by the state, in addition to the regions in the use of natural gas, coal gas, coke oven gas, light oil, the environmental clean that fuels, biomass fuels not only recycling, at the same time reduce the waste caused by production process, resource recycling, reduce the enterprise cost and keep the environment green.

What are the models and parameters of the 20 ton biomass hot water boiler?

There are two types of biomass boiler, one is a chain grate boiler, one is a circulating fluidized bed boiler. How to select the model?

It can be considered from the purpose, but also according to the customer’s own needs; Let’s take a look at the models of 20-ton biomass hot water boiler: dzl14-1.0/115/70-t, szl14-1.25/115/70, shl14-1.25/130/70,szl14-1.0/95/70.

Different pressure, different boiler specifications, different prices; Detailed parameters, customer inquiries more furnace type for you to introduce.

20 ton chain hot water boiler

Hot water boiler: assembly of biomass hot water boiler

Model: SZL14-1.25/115/70

Maximum transport size: 11450*3270*3530

Maximum external size: 15500*6170*8410

Hopper: 2630

Main steam valve: 4535

Maximum shipping weight: 45.0

Fuel: straw, rice husk, sugar aldehyde residue, palm shell, wood, distiller’s grains, cotton stalks and other types of particles, pressing block fuel

A set of boiler equipment including boiler body, auxiliary pipes, desulfurization equipment, denitrification equipment, dust collector, electric control cabinet, water treatment equipment, slag discharge system, feeding equipment, cable valves, etc., can be configured in detail according to customer requirements.

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