Quotation of 40 tons of biomass steam boiler


40 tons biomass steam boiler model DHL40-1.6-T, DZL40-2.5-T

Technical parameters of 40 tons of biomass steam boiler
Model specifications: SHX40-1.6-T
Rated evaporation capacity: 40
Rated steam pressure: 1.6
Rated steam temperature: 204
Boiler feed water temperature: 105Design fuel: biomass such as straw, rice husks, saccharin residue, palm husk, wood, lees, cotton stalk.

40 tons of biomass steam boiler supporting auxiliary equipment
Chemical water supply system: soft water, desalination system, deaerator, feed pump, water tank, ammonia adding device, dosing device.
Steam (hot water) system: partial steam (water) cylinder, temperature reducing regulator.
Fuel supply system: coal loading machine, belt coal conveyor, crusher, vibrating screen electronic belt scale, electromagnetic iron remover, double pear discharger, front coal feeder, etc.
Flue gas system: blower, induced draft fan, chimney, etc.

Sewage (steam) system: continuous row, fixed row, sampler, muffler.
Electric control system: ordinary control, PLC control, DCS control.
Other equipment in the boiler room: heat exchange station, circulating pump, decontamination device, etc.
Flue gas purification system: dust collector, desulfurization device, denitration device, etc.

There are many types of 40-ton biomass steam boilers, and the furnace types are also different. According to the actual needs of customers, we can recommend a suitable solution, please contact our online customer service for quotation.

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