How Much Does a Biomass Boiler Cost Per kwh?


Do you want to find out how much a biomass boiler costs?

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Choosing the biomass boiler can be difficult, especially with all of the suppliers on the market and the varying prices, which is why comparing with Zozen Boiler can be an excellent way of finding out which biomass boiler is the perfect fit for you.

In this guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the cost of biomass boilers, including where you can find biomass boiler and biomass boiler prices.

Boilers Cost Comparison
Type of Boiler Average Initial Cost of Boiler (£) Cost of Fuel (p) RHI Funding (p)
Wood Pellet £14,999 4.11p/kWh 2.85p/kWh*
Oil Fired £1,999 6.5p/kWh n/a.
Gas Fired £3,999 3.9p/kWh n/a.





What is a biomass boiler?
A biomass boiler is a boiler which utilises natural and sustainable products such as wood pellets or recycled wood, which it will burn and then use the gas to heat water or your central heating system.

This can give you a more eco-friendly heating option compared to traditional gas and oil boilers, and they are sometimes much cheaper to run.

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