Performance characteristics of biomass hot water boiler


1. Adopt chain grate or reciprocating grate, apply segmented combustion technology, gasification combustion technology, set up flame-repellent dust arch in the furnace chamber, inertial dust reduction in the furnace, etc., to realize the phased combustion of biomass fuel in separate chambers; enhanced The gasification, combustion and carbonization of fuel in the furnace enhances the radiant heat transfer in the furnace, improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler, and greatly improves the flue gas emission indicators. The “black, smoke, scattered, chaotic and poor” bad environment of coal-fired boiler rooms is eliminated.

2. Threaded flue tube high-efficiency heat transfer elements are used in the boiler body structure, coupled with reasonable flue gas flow rate, the flue tube has a strong self-cleaning ability; the arched tube plate and the threaded flue tube make the shell quasi-rigid The body becomes a quasi-elastic body, and the high-temperature tube sheet cooling is matched with the wing-shaped flue, which completely avoids the shortcomings of the high-temperature tube sheet cracking caused by the structure of the traditional pyrotechnic tube boiler. The reasonable water circulation loop and the unique backwater ejection device increase the water velocity of the riser pipe and avoid the pipe bursting on the water wall.

3. The boiler heats up quickly: the biomass fuel is easy to ignite, burn, burn out, and burn quickly; because the total weight of the boiler steel and heat-resistant and thermal insulation materials is less than other boilers, and a large number of high-efficiency heat transfer threaded tubes are placed in the shell In the medium, and nearly half of the shell surface is heated, the boiler heating time is significantly shortened: about 1/3 shorter than that of the water tube boiler.

4. Short installation cycle: Due to the use of threaded smoke pipes and self-supporting structure, the boiler has a compact structure; the installation cycle of quick installation, assembly, and bulk boilers is short, and the installation cost is economic; general projects can be manufactured and installed in the same year and can be put into operation in the same year run.

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