Impact of high moisture content of biomass particulate fuel on biomass boilers


Biomass boilers include biomass-fired steam boilers and biomass-fired hot water boilers. With the coming of the winter heating season, the demand for biomass-fired steam boilers for heating has gradually increased. However, when we use the fuel, if the moisture content of the fuel is too large and the heating value in the boiler is too low, it will seriously affect the normal combustion, causing a series of problems such as furnace detonation, excessive carbon content, and reduced boiler efficiency.

At present, most of the biomass boilers are not able to adapt to the input fuel with a moisture content of more than 60%. Therefore, if the fuel with excessive water content is used, it will cause the boiler to not burn normally. Its main performance is in the following two aspects:

First, the biomass boiler burns positive pressure and the carbon content of the ash is high. Once the heat of biomass fuel is lower than about 7000kj / kg, and the moisture is greater than 50%, water vapor will be formed in the boiler to release the heat absorption, and then the combustion will release heat, which will cause frequent positive pressure of the boiler. Because a large amount of water vapor in the boiler reduces the temperature of the furnace, the added oxygen is surrounded by water vapor to form a barrier, so it is difficult to fully mix with the flame, resulting in lack of oxygen during combustion.

Followed by the problem of fly ash in the tail flue. When a large amount of incompletely combusted fly ash enters the tail flue, which causes the ash in the pre-dust collector and the ash storehouse, the hot fly ash will have obvious Mars when it encounters the air. It is easy to burn the dust collector bag and accelerate it. Wear of induced draft fan impellers.

The above is about the adverse effect of large fuel moisture on biomass boilers. I hope to help you. For more knowledge about biomass boiler products, please pay attention to our website!

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