How do biomass steam boiler manufacturers prevent scale


How does the biomass steam boiler plant prevent the large-scale operation of biomass steam boilers, protect the environment, save fuel, automatic feeding, slag discharge, fan and induced draft fan frequency conversion adjustment, automatic operation of the boiler, and automatic adjustment of fuel quantity and steam according to load changes The output is stable.

The country will vigorously promote biomass steam boilers and boiler combustion technology, how to prevent biomass steam boiler fouling by adding proper amount of scale inhibitor to the feed water. The boiler chemically reacts with hard substances in the water to form loose and flowing water slag. The method to prevent fouling and scaling of biomass steam boilers is to add chemicals to the biomass boiler for treatment.

The invention has the advantages of low investment, simple equipment, convenient operation, convenient management, etc., but its anti-scaling effect is not as good as the out-of-boil chemical treatment method. For horizontal oil-fired steam boilers, the simple water treatment in the boiler is only suitable for water-free cooling wall pipes. Vertical furnace. For sodium ion exchange treatment, when the residual hardness is large or the pH and alkalinity of the tank water cannot meet the standard requirements, it is also necessary to add chemicals to the pot. The difference between hardness and total alkalinity.

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