How to explain the biomass boiler-environmental protection is the biggest feature


Biomass boilers are boilers that use biomass energy as fuel, and are divided into biomass steam boilers, biomass hot water boilers, biomass hot air boilers, biomass heat transfer oil boilers, vertical biomass boilers, horizontal biomass boilers, etc . Biomass boiler uses reciprocating grate, the most suitable combustion equipment for biomass fuel combustion. In terms of structural design, the biomass boiler has a relatively large space in the hearth of a traditional boiler, and at the same time, a very reasonable secondary air is arranged, which is conducive to the combustion of a large amount of volatile matter that is instantaneously released during the biomass fuel combustion.

Biomass boilers can be equipped with fuel (gas) ignition burners to achieve ignition automation. The biomass boiler’s feeding, combustion, slag removal, feed water, and ignition can be automatically controlled, which is very convenient to operate. The biomass boiler is equipped with an automatic ash cleaning device, which can timely remove the ash deposits on the heating surface of the boiler to ensure efficient and stable operation of the biomass boiler. An economizer is arranged at the tail of the biomass boiler, and an air preheater can also be arranged according to user needs. Compared with traditional boilers, biomass boilers have higher efficiency and lower exhaust temperature.

Biomass-fired boilers use high-efficiency thermal insulation materials with low surface temperature and negligible heat loss. It is produced in strict accordance with China’s national norms and standards, and all pressure parts are made of high-quality boiler steel. Every boiler has to undergo strict inspection and testing before leaving the factory, including hydraulic pressure test and X-ray inspection. Manholes, inspection doors, fire watching holes, etc. are provided for easy maintenance. The biggest features of biomass boilers are: energy saving, environmental protection, and easy installation and use.

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