Matters needing attention when using biomass steam boiler


Environment-friendly operation, save fuel, automatic feed and slag discharge, frequency conversion adjustment of blower and induced draft fan, automatic operation of biomass steam boiler, automatic adjustment of fuel quantity according to load change, and stable steam output. With pressure, water level, exhaust temperature and other protection and alarm measures to ensure boiler operation. Biomass steam boiler is a boiler advocated by the society. The country will vigorously promote the technology of biomass steam boiler and boiler combustion.

The specific operation of the biomass steam boiler should be carried out according to the product manual to ensure operators and equipment. Check the power supply, voltage, water source, and gas for abnormalities before starting. Close the sewage valve and open the water supply valve. And the working condition of the make-up pump, check the gas pipe interface is closed, close the gas valve to pre-ignite once to confirm that the motor is running in the reverse direction. Check whether the water pump is stuck. If the water pump is stuck, remove the back cover of the fan blade, and turn the motor shaft to the flexible state to start.

It is a gas-fired steam boiler. According to the requirements of the biomass-fired steam boiler water quality, be sure to install a water softener when using this device, because not using the water softener will cause boiler scaling, and in severe cases will cause tube explosion and shorten the boiler life. If the above situation is caused by the failure to use the water treatment equipment in accordance with the regulations, it will not be covered by the warranty.

Please pay attention to drainage when using. Discharge at least once a day with a pressure of 0.15MPa ~ 0.25MPa, which can prevent pipeline blockage. The drain pipe should be properly connected to prevent burns.


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