How is the safety valve of a biomass steam boiler tested


Biomass steam boiler is the combustion of biomass pellet fuel to provide hot water and steam for industrial production in the form of industrial boiler, in order to ensure the use of biomass steam boiler safety, need to install a safety valve, after a long period of use, need to conduct safety inspection.

Biomass steam boiler safety valve thermal verification, the boiler has been ignited and started, so the site should be cleaned, removed shelves, in line with the operation requirements. The mode and attention items of thermal check safety valve shall be jointly researched and formulated by the maintenance personnel and operation personnel organized by the maintenance person in charge, and the division of labor shall be divided among the personnel participating in the inspection. Prepare communication equipment and contact signals, and prepare tools and items for calibration such as chalk, small blackboard, wrench, hand hammer, screwdriver, press plate, etc. Replace with standard pressure gauges and check against the pressure gauges on the stoker operating plate frequently.

When the pressure of the biomass steam boiler rises to 0.5-1mpa, the maintenance personnel shall tighten the screws according to the regulations and tighten all valves. When the pressure rises to the rated pressure, the boiler shall be thoroughly inspected for tightness and the results shall be recorded. The safety valve can be checked only after the inspection confirms that there are no defects affecting the normal operation of the boiler.

Above is the analysis of biomass steam boiler safety valve inspection measures, natural material life steam boiler adopts the unique structure of secondary air, effectively improve the air force field inside the furnace, the hot particles bring forward, is advantageous to the fuel ignition ignition, but also prolong the residence time of fuel in the furnace, to improve the adaptability and efficiency of the fuel.

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