Biomass boiler routine maintenance


1. Daily maintenance: biomass boilers should pay more attention in peacetime, to avoid metal rust, to prevent precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions.

2. Chemical cleaning: Add chemical cleaning agent to clean and disperse the floating rust, scale and oil in the system and reduce it to a clean metal surface. The cleaning of biomass boiler is divided into two parts, one part is cleaning the flow tube of the boiler, the superheater tube, the air heater, the water wall tube scale and the rust, and the other part is the cleaning outside the tube, that is, the cleaning of the boiler furnace. We use high pressure cleaning technology to achieve good results.

In addition, the generation of scale in biomass boilers is also closely related to the pH value of the browsing. If the pH is too high or too low, scale may be generated. The pH value is too low, and the boiler itself may be acid corrosion, and the pH value is too high. High, easy to cause alkali corrosion or even brittle embrittlement of the boiler body, so the alkalinity and PH value of the boiler must be controlled within an appropriate range, in order to ensure that the boiler itself is not corroded, prolong its service life, and can make it a new look, Let the biomass boiler maintain its original appearance for a long time.

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