How about the use effect of biomass boiler


With the rapid development of national energy conservation and environmental protection, traditional coal combustion is no longer suitable for the needs of the development of the times. Biomass boilers have become the hot selling equipment in the market due to their advantages of high cleaning efficiency. How about the use of biomass boilers?

According to user feedback, the biomass boiler has high thermal efficiency, good safety performance, and beautiful boiler design.

It is understood that biomass boilers use the “three-pass” design to extend the residence time of flue gas in the boiler, so that biomass fuel can be fully burned and the circulation exchange time of flue gas and water can be extended. While effectively improving thermal efficiency, It also reduces the emissions of burning particulate matter.

In addition, the biomass boiler uses a two-stage dust collector, namely a cyclone multi-tube dust collector and a bag dust collector at the outlet of the boiler rear end. It is reported that the use of cloth bag dust collectors can ensure that the boiler’s emissions reach the national standard of 50 mg / m3.

It is reported that the thermal efficiency of biomass boilers can reach about 80%, far exceeding the data of 60% of coal-fired boilers. At the same time, because the fuel used is briquettes directly compressed by sawdust, straw and other agricultural and forestry wastes, the ash produced after combustion is mainly “grass ash” and can be directly transported to farmland as organic fertilizer.

These advantages make the sales of biomass boilers far ahead, and at the same time, biomass boilers use high standards, high-quality auxiliary machines, accessories and automatic control equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

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