75t biomass medium temperature and pressure boiler


75t biomass boiler is a high-efficiency environmental protection boiler that uses agricultural or forestry straw waste in rural areas to directly or process it into biomass pellet fuel power supply station, and has both social and economic benefits.

1. Introduction of boiler model

There are many models of 75T biomass boilers, we commonly have SHL-75 / 3.82-M, DHL-75 / 3.82-M, these models are suitable for power supply stations. The fuel has wide adaptability and can burn anthracite, bituminous coal, inferior coal, industrial coal slag, coal grinding stone and other inferior fuels.

2. Introduction of performance advantages

1. High combustion efficiency. The fuel burning rate is above 98%, the separation effect is good, and the fly ash loss is small.
2. Low pollution emissions. High-efficiency desulfurization, low nitrogen oxide emissions, and good environmental protection effects: the desulfurization rate is greater than 90%, and the smoke emission concentration is low.

3. High return on investment.

Low temperature burn through, easy to achieve comprehensive utilization of ash and slag, good economy (can be used as building materials such as cement additives), high return on investment. The furnace has a built-in vortex separator, which reduces the height of the furnace, has a compact structure, occupies less space, and consumes less steel, saving initial investment.

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