How do biomass steam boilers merge


Biomass steam boiler is a wide range of environmental friendly boiler in recent years, burning biomass pellet fuel, has been favored by the market, in the process of biomass steam boiler operation, need to pay attention to the operation of the furnace.

When biomass steam boiler/two or more parallel operation, the newly put into operation of the boiler to the total steam master steam supply, known as the furnace, the following is a natural person analysis of the biomass steam boiler how to furnace operation:

(1) in front of the biomass steam boiler and furnace, should reduce the fire, if there is a mother tube drainage device should be water drainage, then wash the water level gauge, keep the water level below the normal water level.

(2) at this point, the steam pressure in the biomass steam boiler decreases. When the steam pressure is lower than about 0.05mpa of the steam pressure in the pipeline system, the water level is normal and the furnace can be merged.

(3) when biomass steam boiler is combined with the furnace, the main steam valve should be opened slowly. When there is no impact of soda in the steam mother tube, the main steam valve should be opened to observe the water level change.

(4) restore the fire, pay attention to the steam boiler water to maintain normal operation.

The steam boiler of natural life material adopts the structure of double boiler barrel horizontal position, which completely overcomes the phenomenon that the boiler barrel is exposed to the furnace directly and causes the overheat bulge, and the heating surface is arranged more rationally. Both sides of the furnace adopt membrane water wall structure, which not only ensures the sealing of the furnace, but also improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

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