2 tons of biomass boiler


Q: What does the boiler 2t/h mean?

A: Refers to the rated evaporation of the boiler (t / h – tons / hour), that is, how many tons of steam can be produced per hour.
Of course, in addition to the rated evaporation (t / h), the main parameters of the boiler are the rated outlet steam pressure (gauge pressure MPa), steam temperature (saturated steam and superheated steam), heating area, combustion area, fuel consumption, etc. Design Parameters.
According to different fuels and energy types, boilers can be divided into coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, gas boilers, atomic energy boilers, waste heat (waste heat) boilers, etc.
According to the different boiler structure, the boiler can be divided into shell boiler (fire tube boiler), water tube boiler and water fire tube boiler.
According to the different combustion modes of fuel in the boiler, the boiler can be divided into layer burning furnace, boiling furnace and chamber burning furnace.
According to the different flow modes of the working fluid in the evaporation system, the boiler can be divided into natural circulation boiler, forced circulation boiler, DC boiler and so on.

Q: What is the model of the two-ton steam boiler?

A: You can choose biomass pellet fuel to burn! There are special particles for biomass, if you can’t find it, we can provide it!

Q: What are the models of the 2 ton boiler?

Answer: DZ stands for single-cylinder vertical type; H means that the combustion device is the active grate.
DZH2-1.0—ALL The steam pressure of the boiler is 1.0
DZH2-1.25—ALL The boiler has a steam pressure of 1.25

A2: Common ones are:
SZL2-1.25-AII double drum vertical longitudinal chain grate coal-fired boiler, pressure class 1.25MPa
SZL2-1.0-AII pressure rating 1.0MPa
DZL2-1.25-AII single drum vertical chain type grate coal-fired boiler, pressure class 1.0MPa
DZL2-1.0-AII pressure rating 1.0MPa
WNS2-1.25-Y horizontal internal combustion oil boiler
WNS2-1.25-Q horizontal internal combustion gas boiler

Q: Can two tons of hand-fired boilers burn biomass pellets?

A: Hello, yes, but it must be a biomass boiler. Other boilers need to be converted into biomass boilers, otherwise environmental protection will not pass.

Q: How much is the energy saving and environmental protection of two and a half tons of boilers?

A: Now the country does not allow coal to be used. The most cost-effective way to meet the national environmental protection standards is to use biomass pellets. The biomass steam boiler uses two tons of steam boilers. ~210 dollars.

Q: The daily cost of two biomass boilers

A: The 2 ton boiler consumes 300 kilograms per hour and 330 yuan per hour. It floats according to actual conditions. One day’s calculations.
Biomass boiler is a kind of boiler. The boiler that uses biomass energy as fuel is called biomass boiler. It is divided into biomass steam boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass hot blast stove, biomass heat transfer oil furnace, vertical type. Biomass boilers, horizontal biomass boilers, etc.

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