Biomass Boiler Improves Paper Industry Benefit


There is a magic weapon for benefit improvement, and the efficiency of industrial boilers in paper mills is the key.

The main energy consumed by the paper industry is steam. At present, most paper companies use steam generated by coal-fired boilers as the energy source. Centralized heating can improve the energy efficiency of the enterprise. Note that improving the energy efficiency of the boiler from the following aspects is also a key way to develop a circular economy.

1. Increase the thermal efficiency of industrial boilers in paper mills by increasing the efficiency. The thermal efficiency of industrial boilers in paper mills can be improved by recovering condensed water to increase the feed water temperature of the boiler. Steam cascade can also be used to reduce steam consumption. At present, the moisture content of existing papermaking enterprises before entering the dryer is close to 40%.

2. Choose a suitable paper mill industrial boiler energy supply method. Paper mills or paper mills with a steam capacity of more than 20t / h can use cogeneration or centralized heating to eliminate small energy-efficient boilers. The superheated steam cascade utilization can be realized through cogeneration, and the steam generated by the back-pressure turbine generator set can be used in process production.

We use high standards, high-quality auxiliary machines, accessories and automatic control equipment in the production of biomass boilers to ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.

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