Application of Biomass Boiler in Paper Industry


The traditional paper industry is a key industry for pollution emissions and a major energy consumer. For a long time, China’s non-wood raw material pulp and paper enterprises are generally small in scale, relatively backward in equipment, and consume a lot of energy in the production process. The energy cost accounts for 10% -14% of the production cost, of which the coal consumption per unit product is high Power consumption per unit of product. It can be seen that industrial boilers in paper mills have become one of the important factors restricting their economic benefits.

The advantages of the energy-saving and emission-reduction of the biomass boilers we produce just solve the problems for the paper industry.

The energy efficiency of the paper industry is low, and the boilers in the paper mill are causing problems

According to the investigation and research of professional investigation agencies: the average energy utilization rate (equivalent value) of the paper mills at present-the average equipped with a boiler conversion system is about 35%, and the average direct purchase of heat is about 42%. The efficiency of the boiler is about 68% on average, and the average efficiency of the power transformer is about 98.9%; the average daily load rate is about 68%, which is generally low; the efficiency of the transmission line is generally 98%, the thermal efficiency of the motor is 94%, The efficiency is about 72% on average, and the efficiency of the thermal pipeline is about 99.7% on average.


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