Three Problems of Biomass boiler


Biomass boiler three major problems black smoke, screw feed, silo tempering.

Now all the biomass boilers in the country have three problems: 1, smoke outlet black smoke. 2. Screw feeding. 3. Silo tempering.

Zozen biomass boiler series successfully solved the biomass boiler black smoke, feed, temper three problems, created the world miracle.

Green products are not green – they emit black smoke

In 2014, the dual pressure of the government to completely ban coal-fired boilers and accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity brought a major crisis to the boiler industry. Boiler companies in the research and development and experiment on the coal boiler in a hurry to the rough transformation of biomass boiler.

Think so2 carbon dioxide zero discharge is environmental protection boiler, but did not solve the black smoke problem of flue gas discharge. In the actual operation of the boiler, the smoke billow, and the surrounding residents complain constantly, resulting in the black smoke problem that the environmental products are not environmentally friendly.

Safety products are not safe — silo tempering

Biomass boiler’s third largest shortcoming, bin tempering burning, because on the market all the biomass boiler adopts screw feeding system, bin and the chamber of a stove or furnace cannot break up, once the smoke exhaust is blocked, will cause positive pressure combustion, make the bunker tempering or burning, to customers bring serious security hidden danger, and natural team research pr the oblique fire feeding increased feeding air resistance: and use the patent design such as cold air diversion and high pressure gas resistance, solved the difficult problem of bin tempering biomass boiler combustion.

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