1 ton biomass boiler


Q: What does one ton of a ton of biomass boiler mean?

A1: One ton in a biomass boiler means that the biomass boiler can produce 1 ton of steam per hour.

A2: The hourly gas production of this boiler is the biomass boiler that can burn one ton of steam per hour and 1t=600,000 kcal.


Q: How many kWh of heat can burn 60 degrees of water?

A: Recover 1:20 degrees to 60 degrees, you can heat 15 tons / hour


Q: How much fuel is consumed in that hour?

A: Chasing 2:180 to 210 kg


Q: How much steam is produced in one ton of biomass in biomass boilers?

A1: This involves many aspects, such as the calorific value of biomass, the thermal efficiency of the boiler, and the complete state of combustion, etc.
A2 I will give you a calculation of how much steam can be produced under normal conditions. The biomass calorific value is 4200/kg, the thermal efficiency is 80%, 4200X1000X0.8=3360000, and 1 ton of biomass is put into the boiler to remove heat loss. Large calorie heat, one ton of steam requires 600,000 kcal heat, 3360000 ÷ 600,000 = 5.6 tons of steam.


Q: How much is a ton of biomass boiler fuel now?

A1: Now this fuel is different from the region. The same calorific value products can differ by more than 300 in southern China and inland cities. I can tell you that the current market for most biomass pellet fuel in southern China is invoiced. The price is around 1150 yuan.

Answer 2: Look at the area, different regions, and the value of the stalks of agriculture and forestry. On average, the mix is ​​cheaper at nearly 300 in 200, generally more than 300, and the more expensive is about 400 yuan/ton, and then the power generation will lose money.

Q: Is a ton of biomass fuel cheaper than a ton of coal?

A: Biomass molding fuel, no pollution, low energy consumption and low price. If only the market price of fuel is considered, the price of coal on the market is now cheaper than the price of biomass fuel. How to comprehensively consider energy conservation and environmental protection, then the comprehensive cost of using biomass fuel is lower than the comprehensive cost of coal fuel.


Q: How much is a 1 ton 2 ton biomass hot water boiler?

A: It takes 60,000 to more than 100,000 yuan.


Q: How much does a 1 ton hot water boiler cost? Is company procurement urgently needed?

A: What is the specific point? Which kind of boiler is required? One ton of hot water boiler producing hot water per hour is more than 10,000?


Q: How many tons of biomass chain boilers burn per hour?

A: One ton of biomass chain boiler burns 150 kg of material per hour.


Q: How much does it cost for a biomass fuel boiler to produce one ton of steam?

A: Generally, one ton of steam is produced. With the boiler of Nanjing Industrial Boiler Factory, biofuels should cost 162 yuan; if coal is used, it should be 90 yuan.


Q: How much is one ton of biomass boiler?

A: The price difference with the coal-fired boiler is not technical. The fuel has been operated. This is indeed a relatively low heat efficiency of 100,000.


Q: What is the price of a 1 ton biomass boiler?

A: Generally around 100,000 yuan

Q: How much biomass does a ton of biomass chain furnace burn in an hour?

A: One ton of biomass boiler, that is 600,000 calories. If it is running at full load, it consumes about 150 kilograms of pellets. If the particle heat value is more than 4,000 calories.


Q: How many particles are used in 1 ton of biomass-fired steam boiler for 1 hour?

A. The number of particles used in a 1:1 ton biomass-fired steam boiler varies depending on the size and shape of the particles. Generally speaking, the shape is much smaller and the shape is smaller. 200KG is generally sufficient.
Answer 2: About 190 kg. What is the particle?


Q: How much is one ton of biomass boiler?

A: The internal structure is unique, and 5 patents are supported by technology. Please contact the natural person boiler for a detailed quotation plan. The natural person boiler manufacturer is a new energy technology company in Hunan Province. With 10 years of experience in boiler manufacturing, the company focuses on energy-saving boiler R&D and production, providing customized, maintenance and modification services for biomass boilers, providing high-quality biomass pellet fuel. To solve the user’s thermal energy demand. Provide one-stop service.

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