What is the heating area of 4t biomass boiler


What is the heating area of ​​the 4t biomass boiler? How much heating can the heating of 4t biomass boiler residential district provide? How much heat can the workshop heating provide? How much can be heated in a vegetable greenhouse?

Generally, the heating area of ​​a 1 ton biomass heating boiler is 8000-10000 square meters, then the 4 ton biomass hot water boiler can be used to heat 24,000-30000 square meters of heating area.

Of course, companies using 4 tons of biomass heating boilers can also choose reasonable boiler models and parameters based on their actual heating area. After all, 4 tons of biomass boilers use high standards and high quality auxiliary machines And automatic control equipment, not only safe and reliable operation, but also relatively cost-effective operation costs.

But we should not ignore the details, because in an ideal state, the heating area of ​​a 1 ton heating boiler is 10,000 square meters. However, in our daily life, there are many factors such as heat loss, so it can be calculated according to the heating area of ​​1 ton boiler between 8000-10000 square meters. It can also be converted according to the standard of 1 tons of boilers of 10,000 square meters, and then slightly increase the tonnage of the boiler. For example, a factory needs a boiler with a heating area of ​​30,000 square meters, which is converted according to 1: 10000 = X: 30000 = 3, then enterprises with a heating area of ​​30,000 square meters should choose 4 tons of boilers, and other tonnage boilers can be deduced by analogy.

In addition, taking Zhengzhou as an example, our residential area can be heated by 10,000 square meters per ton, and the construction area of ​​large space such as workshops and vegetable greenhouses can be estimated by heating 8,000 square meters per ton.

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