10 tons biomass boiler preferred to choose which type of biomass boiler


Biomass boiler can be said to comply with the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy research and development of energy conservation and environmental protection boiler, with the country’s attention to the environment more and more, biomass boiler is more and more popular. The biomass boiler of 10 tons is the tonnage that the customer chooses the most, which type of boiler of 10 tons of biomass should choose is the question that the customer consults most.

Models of 10-ton biomass boiler include:

Biomass steam boiler

  1. DZL10-1.25 – T
  2. SZL10-1.6 – T

Biomass hot water boiler

  1. DZL7-70 – T – / – 1.0/95
  2. SZL7-70 – T – / – 1.0/95

The application fields of 10-ton biomass steam boiler and hot water boiler are not the same:

10 tons of biomass steam boiler: food factory, textile factory, paper factory, brewery, chemical plant, rubber factory, feed factory, pharmaceutical factory, timber factory, slaughterhouse, vegetable greenhouse, etc.

10 tons of biomass hot water boiler: office building, office building, residential, workshop, commercial street central heating.

Customers can choose different boilers according to the needs of different projects, small make up recommended 10 tons of biomass boiler DZL fast assembly boiler. DZL fast assembly boiler of Zozen Boiler is safe and reliable in operation, and the ash residue produced can be directly used as fertilizer, saving energy and environmental protection.

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