What is the constant pressure method of biomass boiler


Constant pressure method in biomass boiler heating system in heating system: In high-temperature hot water supply system, because the water temperature is higher than the saturation temperature of water under normal pressure, the pressure in the system should be higher than the saturation pressure of the corresponding water supply temperature. In this way, hot water vaporization and water shock can be avoided. Water is a non-condensable fluid.

Once leaked, the pressure will drop. On the contrary, water heating will shrink the volume. If the pressure cannot be stabilized, the equipment in the heating system will be destroyed. Therefore, in order to avoid decompression vaporization and contraction and pressure increase, the high-temperature hot water system must stabilize the pressure in the system, which is constant pressure. There are several ways of constant pressure for hot water heating systems:

1) Using elevated water tank constant pressure method

The constant pressure point in this way is set at the inlet of the hot water circulation pump or the main trunk line of the return water. The installation is only an overhead water tank. Its simple structure, stable and reliable work can stabilize the system pressure, and it can meet the overflow and Replenishment request.

2) Constant pressure method using make-up water pump

When the pressure of the heating system is high, the use of an elevated water tank cannot guarantee the pressure required by the system. At this time, a constant pressure method of the make-up water pump should be used. The make-up water pump constant pressure has two modes: continuous water supply and constant pressure and intermittent water supply and constant pressure. The installation of the biomass-fired thermal fluid heater in constant pressure mode consists of a make-up water tank, a make-up water pump, a pressure conditioner, and the like.

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