What are the requirements for the operator of the biomass boiler


1. The operator must go through technical training, assessment, and obtain the furnace certificate before going to work.

2. Before going to work, the labor insurance products of the furnace staff must be neatly dressed.

3, in the biomass environmental protection biomass boiler room, the top of the furnace and the biomass boiler are not allowed to bake clothes and stack other unrelated items.

4. Before the biomass boiler is operated, it is necessary to check the safety facilities (safety valve, water level gauge, high and low water level alarm, pressure gauge and sewage valve, etc.) of all parts of the equipment.

5. When loading, the fuel should be carefully inspected, and no explosives are allowed to be thrown into the furnace.

6. When the biomass boiler is in normal operation, it is not allowed to burn low water and full water. It is necessary to maintain the middle water level (about 65%). If the water level gauge is found to be blocked or leaking or water, it should be repaired in time.

7. During the operation of the biomass boiler , it is strictly forbidden to knock on the furnace body, pipelines, etc. It is strictly forbidden to test the pipelines and valves with pressure.

8. The gas pressure indicator shall not exceed the specified pressure when the biomass boiler is running. When it exceeds, the fuel supply should be stopped immediately and the safety valve should be opened.

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