How to burn biomass heating boiler?


Under the influence of national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, heating boilers generally use biomass fuel. Biomass heating boilers are boilers that use biomass pellet fuel to provide central heating. The annual production of biomass energy far exceeds the total energy demand in the world. It is equivalent to 10 times of the world’s total energy consumption, so the use of biomass heating boilers in winter is of great significance. In order to make the boiler have energy-saving effect, it is necessary to improve the combustion efficiency of the biomass heating boiler. Like other boilers, to improve the combustion efficiency of the biomass heating boiler, it is necessary to ensure that the furnace does not slag and ensure the boiler has a faster burning speed. The following are measures to improve the combustion efficiency of biomass heating boilers given by Zozen Boiler.

1. Sufficient oxygen: If the excess air coefficient is too small, that is, the air supply is insufficient, the solid incomplete combustion heat loss q4 and the combustible gas incomplete combustion heat loss q3 will be increased, so that the combustion efficiency is lowered; if the excess air coefficient is too large Will reduce the furnace temperature and increase the incomplete combustion heat loss. The optimum excess air ratio is such that the sum of q2 q3 q4 is the minimum.

2, the use of anti-scaling, descaling technology: through the use of biomass heating boiler descaling agent and electronic anti-scaler, optimize the water vapor circulation system, reasonable control of the boiler discharge rate, thereby reducing scale and improve boiler thermal efficiency.

3. Maintain a reasonable flame front position of the biomass heating boiler fuel. The flame front should be located between the high-end grate and the middle grate. The fullness of the flame on the grate is good.

4. The combustion regulation system of the biomass heating boiler regulates the combustion of the biomass heating boiler. In fact, it is necessary to ensure the safe operation of the heating boiler and the combustion economy while ensuring that the heating of the heating boiler can fully provide the steam load and heating demand. Sex. In the specific combustion regulation process, the control of combustion is mainly realized, and in the combustion control, the furnace speed control, the furnace negative pressure control and the air supply control are included. In the process of regulating the heating system of the heating boiler,

First of all, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the main steam pressure of the boiler, and to achieve the coordination between the output and the load while realizing the elimination of the fuel defects;

The second is to ensure the coordination between the amount of air in the boiler and the amount of fuel, thereby improving the economics of boiler combustion;

The third is to ensure the coordination of the air supply volume and the air intake volume, maintain the negative pressure of the furnace, and ensure the safety of the boiler.

Then, in the combustion regulation system, three variables are mainly adjusted: air supply amount, air intake amount, and combustion amount. In the chain furnace parameters, the main steam pressure is an important indicator to measure the balance between load and steam quantity. In practice, the main factors causing the main steam pressure change include two aspects: one is the change of fuel quantity. The variation in this basic variable can be controlled and adjusted by its own closed loop; the other is the change in gas consumption, which is a load change and is generally not easy to adjust. In the adjustment system, the load condition is first set, and then the basic operating rules and the balance base value are determined. This value can guarantee the basic load, and the air pressure state is determined according to the change of the main steam pressure and the deviation. Then fine-tune the basic values ​​to ensure the quality of the steam and the heating effect.

5. Energy-saving technology for grate reformation of heating boiler

The high air coefficient of the biomass heating boiler is not conducive to the energy saving of the boiler, and the main reason for the excessive air coefficient is the problem of the boiler grate itself, including the wind between the wind chambers, the tightness of the partitions, and the air leakage at the grate position.

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