The relationship between biomass boiler fuel price and boiler type and fuel type


The relationship between the price of biomass boiler fuel and the type and type of fuel “What is the price of biomass boiler fuel?” “I want to buy biomass fuel, please tell me the price.” For this kind of problem, it is relatively one-sided. Biomass boiler Fuel prices can be divided into pellet fuel prices for biomass steam boilers, briquette fuels for biomass steam boilers, pellet fuel prices for biomass hot water boilers, briquette fuels for biomass hot water boilers, etc. There are many categories of biomass boilers. There are also many classifications of biomass fuels, so how to answer the price of biomass boiler fuel requires understanding the specific boiler used and the choice of biomass fuel to answer.

The price of biomass boiler fuel is determined by the type of biomass boiler.

Biomass boiler is an environmentally friendly boiler that has emerged in recent years. It is different from ordinary coal-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers. Because the burning medium is biomass fuel, we generally call it biomass boilers, and can be understood as combustion in a broad sense. Biomass fuel boilers are collectively referred to. Biomass boilers are generally divided into industrial biomass steam boilers, biomass hot water boilers, biomass heat conduction oil boilers, etc. The structure of this type of boiler is similar to traditional coal-fired boilers. The tonnage is 1-20 tons. The civilian biomass boilers include biomass hot water boilers, biomass steam generators, biomass fireplaces, etc. The tonnage is generally relatively small. In addition, power plants also have large biomass boilers for power generation. Different boilers need to be equipped with different biomass fuels, and the prices of different biomass fuels are different

1. Industrial biomass boilers. The chain structure can burn biomass briquette fuel and pellet fuel. At present, the common ones on the market are biomass peanut shell briquette, biomass peanut shell pellets, biomass miscellaneous wood pellets, etc. Biomass boiler fuel is relatively cheap and cost-effective.

2. Boilers such as biomass burners, steam generators, and biomass hot blast stoves require relatively high fuel requirements due to their relatively small burning time. Generally, they need to burn better quality pine wood fuel or wood fuel with low ash content. Requires calorific value of 4000 calories, burning without coking or slightly coking, the price of this type of biomass boiler fuel is at a medium level.

3. Biomass fireplaces and biomass hot water boilers for heating have a smaller combustion chamber space, so it is generally required to burn pure mongolica pellets with an ash content of less than 1, and there is basically no ash after combustion, but this type of The price of biomass boiler fuel is the most expensive.

Biomass boiler fuel prices Because different biomass boilers burn different varieties and types of biomass fuels, the price of biomass boiler fuels cannot be arbitrarily compared with expensive and cheap ones, but should compare the combustion effects of boilers of the same quality and the same. Then look at the price of biomass fuel, this is more scientific than the vegetable.

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