Acceptance of the boiler after delivery


(1) After the boiler is delivered, check and accept the parts and components according to the delivery list provided by the manufacturer, check the integrity of the equipment according to the boiler installation drawing, and check whether the large boilers such as the inner wall of the boiler are damaged during transportation Deformation, etc., and make detailed records for repair during installation.

(2) When large boilers are unloaded, 3 to 10 equal-diameter pipes can be placed under the bottom plates on both sides, pulled by steel wire ropes, and the large boilers can be moved slowly by the rolling of the pipes. Pay attention to the position of the steel wire ropes. Damage any part of the boiler’s large parts.

(3) If the lifting capacity of the large boiler needs to be lifted, the lifting capacity of the lifting equipment should be greater than the dead weight of the large boiler, and the lifting ring on the top of the furnace should be used for lifting, or the jack should be slowly lifted under the iron plates on both sides of the base. Lift from any other position

(4) Preparation of materials and tools:

Before installation, the qualified materials, accessories and installation tools required by the user on the drawings of each component should be purchased and prepared in order to facilitate the smooth installation.

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