Reasons why enterprises choose biomass boilers


The development trend of biomass boilers is inevitable. Many reasons for the downturn of coal-fired boilers are too much pollution. The development of coal-fired boilers will inevitably be difficult. However, as a new type of fuel boiler, biomass boilers produce economic benefits and The environmental benefits are obvious to everyone, so what are the specific manifestations of the economic and environmental benefits of biomass boilers?

1. Biomass power generation: As a green energy that is more likely to replace fossil energy, biomass energy has important strategic significance in national energy construction.

2. Heating and power supply in the park: Since the cost of using biomass energy is relatively low, biomass boilers are widely used in urban industrial parks and industrial parks to meet the needs of hot water, heating, and electricity in the park.

3. Sterilization and disinfection: Biomass steam boilers are used for the sterilization and disinfection of food plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants and other products.

4. Reuse of waste: furniture factories, wood factories, sugar factories, paper mills, etc. have a lot of sawdust, wood chips, bagasse, lees and other wastes every year. These wastes can be directly used as biomass fuel, not only turning waste into treasure, but also Save the production costs of enterprises and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

Fifth, roasting and drying: clean and stable hot air is widely used in agricultural products, feed and food processing, roasting or drying coffee, tea, tobacco, vegetables, aquatic products, etc. The building materials industry is mostly used for drying wood and other industries that require baking For dry processes, biomass boilers can be used.

6. Renewable energy, biomass energy, wind energy and solar energy are listed as the three major renewable energy sources. It has a wide range of sources, and there are a large number of industries, agricultural and forest waste output every year

7. Low green emission, low sulfur content in biomass, low nitrogen content, low NOx and SO2 content after combustion, truly green and clean; small ash content, low smoke content.

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