10 tons of biomass boiler price


Biomass boilers are mainly formed fuels mainly from forestry residues. The emission of atmospheric pollutants is relatively low. After installing dust removal facilities, the boiler smoke and nitrogen oxide emissions reach the light oil emission standard. The boiler atmospheric pollution emissions can reach the natural gas standard. As a large country with abundant biomass resources, China has a large market space for heating in which energy-saving boilers replace traditional coal-fired boilers, and it will surely usher in a broader development prospect under the environment of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The fuel for biomass boilers is mainly wheat straw, agricultural processing residues, and forestry residues. According to valid data, it can be estimated that at least 400 million tons of standard coal can be saved each year. This is for urban pollution. Therefore, the value of energy-saving that can be played cannot be underestimated. Up to now, the annual utilization rate of biomass forming fuel is about 8 million tons. It has begun to take shape in some economically developed areas such as Jiangsu and Guangdong, where fossil energy is scarce, and gradually formed a business model of market-specific investment in construction, operation and management services.

Biomass boiler parameters mainly include

Rated evaporation: 2–75 t / h

Rated steam pressure: 1.25–5.29 Mpa

Rated steam temperature: 194–485 ℃

Feed water temperature: 105 ℃

Applicable fuel: Biomass fuel such as straw, second-class bituminous coal, anthracite

For biomass boiler prices, there are mainly the following factors:

1. Technical parameters: The price of biomass fuel boiler is first affected by the technical parameters. The technical parameters of biomass boiler mainly include rated evaporation, rated steam pressure, rated steam temperature and feed water temperature. In general, the price of biomass fuel boilers is proportional to the rated evaporation and the rated steam pressure. Enterprises can determine the boiler model based on these parameters, and then consider the boiler price.

2. Boiler auxiliary machine: After determining the technical parameters of the biomass boiler, the enterprise should consider the boiler auxiliary machine that needs to be purchased. The boiler auxiliary machine mainly includes the following 8 types:

1), auxiliary equipment for boiler fuel preparation system

2), auxiliary equipment for boiler air and smoke system

3), auxiliary equipment for dust removal, ash conveying, and blowing (cleaning) ash system

4), auxiliary equipment of slag discharge, cold slag and slag conveying system

5), auxiliary equipment for steam and water systems

6), electrical and instrument control system

7). Auxiliary machine of boiler combustion system

8), auxiliary equipment of boiler water treatment system

In addition, boiler safety valves and instrument valves should also be considered, such as safety valves, pressure gauges, water level gauges, thermometers, and various valves.

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