Is biomass boilers cheaper than coal-fired boilers?


Now that it has entered the heating period, some companies use traditional coal-fired heating methods, and some companies use boilers with biomass fuels. So is biomass boilers cheaper than coal-fired boilers? Compare it.

  1. Fully burned: In the structural design of the biomass environmental protection boiler, the furnace space of the traditional coal-fired boiler is relatively large. The use of the reciprocating grate and the arrangement of a very reasonable secondary air are beneficial to the combustion of the biomass fuel.
  2. High combustion efficiency: the combustion efficiency of biomass fuel is 90%, coal is 70%, and operating cost is saved by 20%.
  3. high degree of automation, no labor costs: biomass environmentally friendly boilers use digital integrated controller, can automatically control the combustion conditions according to user settings, simple and convenient operation, automatic ignition, automatic feeding, automatic cleaning, and coal-fired boilers Compared to labor costs.
  4. Low operating costs: Biomass pellets are new environmentally friendly fuels supported by the state and are a renewable resource. It has the characteristics of high calorific value, low cost and wide source. Farmers can use their crop straw waste to become treasures in their own fields, increase their income and create wealth. In the long run, biomass environmentally friendly boilers have lower operating costs.
  5. no annual inspection fee: biomass environmental protection boiler relative to coal-fired boilers, no annual inspection, saves annual inspection fees, and the rational design of biomass boilers, so that the material is not easy to coke, reducing boiler losses.
  6. Biomass Environmentally friendly boilers emit 99% less smoke into the atmosphere than coal. They do not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide. They minimize pollutants and have the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and cost saving. Coal-fired boilers The fuel used is coal, which produces sulfur dioxide during the combustion process, and the state has banned direct emissions.
  7. Energy saving and emission reduction: According to estimates, the orange stalk biomass fuel boiler can save 40% of electricity, save 33% of water and save 1,500 tons of coal.
  8. The ash after combustion of biomass energy is a high-quality organic potash, which can bring some benefits to the enterprise and also facilitate the comprehensive recycling of resources.
  9. The straw carbon block after molding has small volume, large specific gravity, and is resistant to burning, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
  10. Biomass environmental protection boiler has a high steam production capacity of 1.125 times that of coal-fired boilers and is a high-calorie environmentally friendly energy product.

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