How to stop the biomass steam boiler


With the rapid development of national energy conservation and environmental protection, the traditional coal-fired boiler supply steam has no longer met the needs of The Times, clean and environmental friendly biomass steam boiler has been favored by the market, in some abnormal circumstances, the boiler needs to be emergency shutdown, then how to emergency shutdown biomass steam boiler.

According to the nature of the emergency encountered in the operation of biomass steam boiler is different, the operation of emergency shutdown is also different, such as the occurrence of serious water shortage accident, the need to quickly shut down; A superheater tube burst, requiring rapid cooling. The general operating principle of stopping the furnace is: extinguish the fire quickly.

1, immediately stop adding fuel and air supply, reduce the wind, in the meantime, try to extinguish the fire in the furnace.

2. After extinguishing the fire, close the main steam valve and cut off the boiler from the main steam pipe. Open the furnace door and flue baffle to enhance ventilation and cooling, and stop the ventilation.

3. Open the air valve or safety valve to discharge steam and reduce pressure, and use the alternate method of water intake and sewage discharge to replace the boiler water. When the boiler water cools to around 70~12, it is allowed to drain water.

Zozen biomass steam boiler adopts the unique secondary air structure, which effectively improves the air field in the furnace, leads the hot particles to the forward arch, which is conducive to the ignition of the fuel, and also prolonging the residence time of the fuel in the furnace, improving the adaptability and utilization rate of the fuel.

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