How to improve the burning efficiency of biomass boiler


With the alternation of the traditional coal fired boiler, it’s an urgency to develop a new kind of boiler which can be used to replace the high-pollution and high-consumption coal fired boiler. Biomass fired boiler comes up with the trend. It uses the clean biomass fuel to provide heat for industrial production.

As the traditional boiler ,the biomass fired boiler also depend on improving burning efficiency to save energy. Zozen, as one of the famous manufacturer of biomass boiler, has proposed several suggestions to improve the combustion efficiency:

Enough air supply: enough air will speed up combustion. If the excess air ratio is at a very low level, the incomplete combustion heat loss of the solid fuel and the loss of combustible gas will increase,the combustion efficiency will reduce. However, if the index is very high , then the temperature of the furnace will lower and the incomplete combustion heat loss will increase.

During the ignition and combustion period, the enough mixture of the air and the fuel should be ensured. In the after-combustion period, the disturbed mixture should be strengthened and the furnace temperature should be increased.

Keep a reasonable distance of the flame front. The flame front should be positioned between the high-end and the middle of the furnace so that the the fuel will be fully burned.

The biomass fired boiler manufactured by Zozen group adopts super heater in the furnace which fundamentally avoid the ash accumulation. This kind of structure reduce he corrosion loss save maintenance fee for the company.

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