7 mw biomass equipment


The 7 mw biomass equipment is also called a 10-ton biomass boiler. The rated thermal power of the boiler is 7mw, which is the thermal power of 6 million kcal / hour, which is also equivalent to the thermal power of a 10-ton boiler. Biomass hot water boilers use a variety of biomass fuels to burn and release heat, with low fuel costs and clean boiler emissions.

7 mw biomass equipment produced and supplied by Zozen Boiler Manufacturers include three types of biomass boilers: DZH, DZL, and SZL. Among them, DZL and SZL biomass boilers are chain grate biomass boilers. The difference between the two is that The number of boilers designed for the boiler varies.

The model of DZL 7 mw biomass equipment is CDZL7.0-85 / 60-T. The rated outlet water temperature and rated return water temperature of the boiler are 85 ℃ and 60 ℃, respectively. The overall horizontal appearance design of the 7 mw biomass equipment is equipped with a lightweight and advanced Chain-type boiler grate, boiler automatic loading and combustion, reduce the burden of human operation, and also make the 7 mw biomass equipment combustion more stable.

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