How can the fuel in the biomass boiler be fully burned?


Whether it is biomass fuel or traditional coal-fired fuel, it is very important to fully burn the boiler. In order to prevent environmental pollution caused by insufficient combustion, it is necessary to improve the combustion efficiency of the biomass boiler. It is necessary to ensure that there is no slagging in the furnace and that the boiler has a faster burning speed. How can we make the biomass boiler fully burn? The following small series will give you a summary.

  1. Adopt anti-scaling and descaling technology: optimize the water vapor circulation system by using biomass heating boiler descaling agent and electronic anti-scaling device, and reasonably control the boiler discharge rate, thereby reducing scale and improving boiler thermal efficiency.
  2. Maintain a reasonable flame front position of the biomass heating boiler fuel. The flame front should be located between the high-end grate and the middle grate. The fullness of the flame on the grate is good.
  3. Sufficient oxygen: If the excess air coefficient is too small, that is, the supply of air is insufficient, the incomplete combustion heat loss q4 of the solid and the incomplete combustion heat loss q3 of the combustible gas are increased, so that the combustion efficiency is lowered. If the excess air ratio is too large, the furnace temperature will be lowered and the incomplete combustion heat loss will be increased. The optimum excess air ratio is such that the sum of q2+q3+q4 is the minimum.

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