Biomass boiler require ovens and boilers before use


Biomass boiler cannot be used directly after installation, and ovens and boilers are required.

First, the oven

The purpose of the biomass boiler is to bake the refractory lining, partition wall, flue, brick chimney, etc. in the boiler furnace just after construction. Because the refractory lining, flue, and chimney are moist and hydrated, they must be baked to gradually dry them, which promotes a slight increase in the ash refractory. When the oven is being used, waste wood, dry branches or bark can be used as a fuel for baking. But it is worth noting that the nail must be removed. In addition, when baking, it is necessary to use a slight fire to slowly bake, and gradually evaporate and dry the water in the furnace, the flue and the chimney. It is forbidden to blast the fire so that the water suddenly evaporates and the volume suddenly increases. The water vapor and the flue gas cannot be discharged in time, causing the furnace wall and the flue to be deformed, cracked or even collapsed due to excessive internal pressure.

Second, the boiler

During the installation process of the biomass boiler, the inner wall of the heating surface of the boiler is contaminated by oil and dirt, and there is oxidative corrosion to produce rust. And the deposition of these pollutants on the heated surface will affect heat transfer. Oils and silicides will also affect the steam quality of the biomass boiler; oil and organic compounds will cause steam and water to co-enter; the decomposed material will also corrode the metal heating surface. Wait. Therefore, in order to ensure the steam and water quality of the boiler, to prevent corrosion of the boiler; to ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler, the boiler must be cleaned of the dirt on the heated surface before the boiler is officially put into operation.

For ovens and boilers, they can generally be carried out at the same time, or they can be cooked first. Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has learned the importance of the oven and the boiler after the installation of the new biomass boiler.

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